Virtual PV Coaching Series – Archive




This FREE virtual coaching clinic is a testament to the brethren of our Pole Vault Community. During the hieght of the COVID Pandemic and time of great uncertainty this group of coaches was assembled to help share pole vault knowledge and hope

Presentations were made bi-weekly and are still available on YouTube.
Brought to you by Joel Block

Objective: The objective of this series was to connect interested coaches and athletes during this time of non-coaching around the pole vault.

Audience: Anyone with an interest in Pole Vault.

Greg Hull

Hall of Fame Coach

Observations, Lessons, and Insights for Pole Vault Coaches

Jake and Tim Winder

Setting the Foundation for an Epic Workout

Tom Hays

Expanding Your Toolbox/The Art of the Vault

Giovanni Lanaro

How to Maximize Potential

Lawrence “LoJo” Johnson

The Challenges of Black Athletes in the Pole Vault

Rick Attig

Positioning yourself to Learn

Derek Miles

Efficiency in the Pole Vault, Moving Around the Lantern

Becky Holiday and Kelsie Ahbe

Coaching Female Athletes

Tim Mack

Making the Impossible Possible

Dennis Mitchell

Steering to Pole Vault Success

Stacy Dragila

Journey to Gold

Gymnastics drills for pole vault

Sticking jumping

Helena, Greg & Mondo Duplantis

Recipe for success!

Pole Vault Coach Pat Manson

Pat Manson

Youth Development: How I start them and how to fix them.

Pole Vault Coach Tim Reilly.

Tim Reilly

Youth Development: How I start them and how to fix them.

Todd Lehman - Associate Head Track and Field Coach at Grand Canyon University in Arizona.

Todd Lehman

Approach to making the average vaulter better.

Pole Vault Coach Richie Mercado

Richie Mercado

Elemental Sprinting & Related PV Issues: Posture, Hip Action, and Motor Control

Jim Bemiller

Pole Vault Maxims

Rice University Pole Vault Coach, David Butler.

David Butler

Elasticity at Takeoff

Scott Kendricks walk across the track together with son Sam - AMerican Record Holder in the Pole Vault.

Scott Kendricks

Lessons I learned from High School track to the Olympics